Basic Terms



 Qi:  Signifies a tendency, a movement, something on the order of energy. Source Qi is the basal energy of the body formed from the Essence of the Kidneys, the nutrients absorbed from food, and the energy absorbed by the Lungs from the air. It flows through the entire body and is the basis for all movement and action. 


 Blood:  Is both a substance and a force or level of activity in the body which is involved with the sensitivity of the sense organs, as well as a deep level of the body in the progression of febrile diseases. It is manufactured in the Middle Burner, using Qi derived from the air of the Lungs and food digested by the Spleen. Blood’s major function is to nourish all parts of the body.


 Yin/Yang: Chinese words representing the concept of duality within the universe. The general correspondences are:


Yin: Earth, Female, Night, Moon, Low, Heaviness, Falling Tendency, Movement Inward, Relative Stasis, Interior, Front, Lower Section, Bones, Inner Organs, Blood, Inhibition, Deficiency.


Yang: Heaven, Male, Day, Sun, High, Lightness, Rising Tendency, Movement Outward, Clear Action, Exterior, Back, Upper Section, Skin, Outer Organs, Qi, Stimulation, Excess.


 Essence:  Is the basis for all growth, development and sexuality. It also has a loose  association with semen.


 Spirit:  Is the force behind one’s mental state and actions. All forms of consciousness and thought are manifestations of Spirit.


 Moxabustion: The burning of a blend of herbs for therapeutic purposes, either on the handles of needles or indirectly above the skin. Moxa may also be burned on the skin in very small quantities or separated from the skin by a slice of ginger root or garlic. The main ingredient is Artemisia, a Chinese variety of sage or mugwort leaf.


 Meridians: are the main channels or pathways that conduct Qi and Blood through the body via the Twelve Primary Channels and the Eight Extra Channels.


Tonification: the act of strengthening, adding to, benefiting, making stronger, etc.


 Sedation: to lessen stress, to calm down.