Private Practice

  I have been studying and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1984. I have been here in CT practicing since 1991. My office is currently in Barkhamsted, CT. My basic philosophy in regards to how I practice is to educate people to understand the relationship between their health, diet, daily habits, environment and lifestyle, and how they affect one another. I also offer tools and suggestions to help bring about a state of balance and harmony where good health is the norm. Genetics aside, we are in control of our health and well being. What we put into our bodies and what we expose our bodies to greatly affects how we feel. Our frame of mind and beliefs also can have a strong impact upon our health for good or bad. If we just get back in touch with our bodies and truly hear what they have to tell us, we would not do half the things that we currently do to them. This is the beginning of the process of reversing the imbalances within that cause the expression/manifestation of the outward symptoms we experience.